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The Walking Dead S05E09 – What Happened And What’s Going On

The Walking Dead returned from their midseason hiatus (I’m done being mad about that, they’re gon’ do it anyway, so it is what it is) with “What Happened And What’s Going On”, which was the perfect title as it showed some important people from the past, and what the plan is for the next phase of Operation: Don’t Get Bitten, which one of the members failed to do last night. Let’s go………………………..

-We open with someone shoveling dirt, a picture of a house from “The Grove” (probably my favorite TWD episode, the joint with Carol, Lizzie and the flowers), what looks like the sun as someone is driving down the road, and Maggie crying, because we’re still supposed to believe that she cared about Beth and you know what? I give up, sure, I’ll buy it. Noah is crying, over what we think is Beth’s death, and then Pastor Bitchass (Gabriel) is standing over a body. Beth’s? Someone else? Rick, Daryl, Sasha and Glenn are running to secure some vehicles, and then we flash through a few pictures of two black boys, which I assume are Noah and someone else (side note: I may refer to Noah as EHC or Everyone Hates Chris, because I stay forgetting his name). We flash to the prison as well. Kind of an intricate opening that doesn’t make any sense…..but the payoff is worth it.

-Noah tells Rick that Beth was gon’ come with him to Virginia, and Rick decides screw it, we’re going there. Then we see a window with a bullet through it, and a street that again, looks familiar and I wanna say it’s Woodbury, where the Governor and his people were at. Rick tells the group of his plan to go to Virginia because Noah’s family lived in a community with walls, so all can’t be bad, right? We flash a little more to a skeleton on the ground, a drawing of a sun on the ground, the group driving through South Carolina, but it looks like BBQ Bob is driving. We flash to Judith, then to a car with a zombie in it, the train tracks on which the group were walking, someone doing some more dirt-shoveling and then BAM…..little creepy-ass Lizzie and her sister Mika, both with bloody wounds, but Mika looks at the camera and says, “it’s better now”. Then blood starts to drip onto the picture of the Grove cabin, and they hit the music. This seems like a lot of detail to go into for before-the-credits shit, but it’s easily the most important part of the episode, which I got on the second watch.

-Tyreese, Noah, Rick, Michonne and Glenn are almost to Noah’s destination, and Rick touches base with Killa Carol, who is finally getting some leadership shine. Tyreese and Noah start having a conversation about the hospital and Noah says he never wanted to kill anyone until he got there. Tyreese responds that he wanted to as well, but now he doesn’t because he doesn’t want to deal with the aftermath. His pops told him pains were the cost of living, and they had to listen to the news, even the bad stuff because that’s just life. His dad must be looking at him now, somewhere, like “damn, how did I raise this?”. We learn Noah’s dad is gone, but his moms and his brothers (the boys in the picture) are alive. Rick tells Tyreese to pull over so they can go on foot and Noah is like, nah it’s cool, and Rick says, just in case. This means two things: one, I’m the leader and we do as I say and two, dude, we’ve been out in these streets….it ain’t all good.

-They park next to the car with the zombie in it from the opening, and they walk past the skeleton that was on the ground. They cross through some barbed wire to the community, and Noah says there are snipers, but none are out, which can’t be a good thing. Glenn climbs up and checks to see if he sees anything; nothing. Noah starts running when he realizes his family and everyone is gone, and they chase after him. He collapses on the ground, and the group offers their condolences, so now he’s officially with them. The decision is made: make a sweep for supplies. Michonne is in the background, cuttin’ heads off. Can we make her, like, a vice-president or something?

-Rick and Glenn are talking, and Rick says he doesn’t believe Dawn meant to kill Beth, and she absolutely didn’t, she was just reacting to gettin’ stabbed in the shoulder. He also says they came to this place to honor Beth, who wanted to come here with Noah. Meanwhile, Tyreese is back with Noah, who is in no condition to go anywhere, and gave him some speech about not giving up, which he wanted to after Karen died, but he didn’t. Then he ended up babysitting Judith and kept her safe, even though he let that Terminus dude put a knife to her. Damn, I can’t stand this dude. Shit got kinda preachy, so Noah is like, fuck this and starts running towards his old house. Why can’t Tyreese catch up to a limping, crying dude? DAMN, I CAN’T STAND HIM.

-Meanwhile, Rick and Glenn are still talking and Glenn is saying how he lost Maggie, and found here, now they’re going to Washington, then they weren’t, now they are again or something and how Maggie and Glenn wanted to find Beth alive, which is horseshit because they didn’t say one word about…..never mind. This is a problem I have with The Walking Dead sometimes. The writing isn’t good enough to hold down these speeches, but furthermore, they have them at the worst times. Find some supplies, and get outta there. That is when Michonne pipes up like, yo, come the fuck on.

-Noah wants to go in his house, but Tyreese says he’ll go in first and they find Noah’s dead mother, so he puts a blanket over her. Tyreese walks down the hallway because he hears a noise, and all he finds is one of Noah’s brothers that got his guts taken out, but what does he do? He doesn’t continue on to find the noise, he stares at the wall at the pictures from the opening. Meanwhile, behind him, we see a walker sneaking up on him, and I hit that Birdman hand rub like, shit, it’s about to get poppin’. That little walker, the other twin brother, sinks his teeth all in Tyreese’s arm and goes after him, but Noah stabs him in the eye and says he’ll run and get the others. See where feelings gets you in the zombie apocalypse, Tyreese? SEE??????

-This is where it starts to get trippy again. We get more flashes of all the shit from the opening (the sun, the cabin, the prison, the window with the bullet hole, the zombie car), while Tyreese is just sitting there with blood pouring out of his arm. He starts to hallucinate and the first is Martin, the Terminus asshole who Tyreese didn’t kill and he points out that he should have killed him because if he had, this might not have happened….domino shit, as he says. Then BBQ steps up to say that was bullshit and how he died was random, with getting bit at the food bank. Then the Governor appears and reminds Tyreese that he said something about earning your keep, and then Lizzie and Mika tells him it’s okay. He has no idea what is going on, but the Governor turns into a walker and the fight is on. It lasts a little bit and Tyreese gets bit on the same arm again, but he eventually wins and falls to the floor. The walker’s blood drips onto the picture of the cabin.

-Michonne suggests to Rick and Glenn that they stay here, and they don’t think that is a good idea because they don’t have a sight line because of the trees, and something obviously happened to this community. I wanna listen to Michonne and she’s pretty gung-ho about it, until she steps outside and sees a BUNCHA dead bodies so she’s like, you wanna know what? Let’s do this Washington thing. But then they hear Noah scream, and start running. They save Noah as he’s getting attacked, and Michonne hits a zombie, but it breaks her sword. These mufuckas gettin’ stronger? That can’t be good.

-Beth is singing Tyreese, we see the flahes from the opening again, and her lyrics are pretty poignant (Jimmy Cliff’s “Strugglin’ Man” is the song she is singing), but her voice annoys me; do yo’ thang, girl. Lizzie and Mika are still with her and Beth tells Tyreese that it’s okay. Bob tells him that it’s okay to not be a part of this anymore. Basically, they’re telling him that it’s okay to die now, but he’s still fighting. The Governor tells him that he didn’t adapt and that’s why he is where he is. Tyreese is still defiant, saying that the Governor was wrong and it’s not over because he’s stubborn, but the bite on his arm begs to differ. Then he admits that people like him can’t live, but then he says no one has to die today. Yeah, he’s starting to go. The Governor shoves him to the ground because he’s a bitch.

-It looks like the girls are grabbing his hand to bring him to the afterlife, but it’s Rick, holding out his arm so Michonne can chop it off and they can try to cauterize it like they did with Herschel. They start to escape and we see some more stuff from the beginning, like the crew securing vehicles, and they also have to get past a buncha walkers. Noah tries to hold Tyreese up, but fails miserably and almost gets bit before Rick saves him and we see some cool special effects of a bullet going through a head. There is a flash of Carol at the cabin after she shot Lizzie, which is dope. There is also a flash of Sasha stabbing the shit outta Martin at the church. The Governor tells Tyreese that he has to pay the bill as the group gets him through the barbed before a walker comes. Bob tells him that it went the way it had to as Rick tells him to hold on. They pass the skeleton again and get Tyreese into their vehicle; Rick tells Carol to get Sasha and Carl away as they return to try and save Tyreese. Of course, their van gets stuck and ends up hitting a truck that was beside the zombie car, and a buncha severed walkers spill out.

-Tyreese is in the back and he tells the driver to turn the radio off; Bob asks him is he sure, and that is why we saw Bob’s face in the rearview mirror earlier. Beth is driving and tells Tyreese it’s okay for like, the 14th time. The girls are in the back, being creepy and telling him it’s better now, and Bob hits that smile that I need a .gif. The van stops in the middle of the road as Tyreese dies, and the group lays him down. We skip to that shovel and the funeral, which we learn is for Tyreese with his skullcap on a cross, and the group takes turns putting dirt on him. Sasha looks just stunned, and now I’m pulling for her, Maggie and Michonne to form this all-girl killing machine. Sasha is about to go the fuck OFF.

-This is my last will and testament: if y’all are with me in the zombie apocalypse, and I get bitten, just kill me right then and there. Don’t carry me all around and shit. That’s stupid.

What I gathered from “What Happened And What’s Going On” is that you can have all the humanity you want, but in this world of The Walking Dead, at some point, you’re gon’ have to put that shit to the side and be about that life. Look at Herschel, Andrea, Dale and now Tyreese, and I’m sure there are more examples. This humanity shit ain’t gon’ fly in the zombie apocalypse, bruh. Which is why I assume no one will want to roll with me if shit goes down.

But overall, this was a strong return for The Walking Dead, and they’re good at these types of episodes. It was directed by Greg Nicotero, who has now directed nine episodes of the show and is known for being a special-effects master, which is why this was one of the most interestingly shot episodes of The Walking Dead I’ve ever seen. So now, we have a mission: on to Washington, for better or for worse.


The Walking Dead S05E07 – Crossed

We hit the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead‘s half-season with everything in front of us. The mission: rescue Killa Carol and Beth from the hospital, which is being guarded by one half-decent cop in my estimation. “Crossed”, however, was a bit underwhelming. I didn’t hate it, but I certainly didn’t love it. Let’s go….

-The group is at the church, fortifying it for, well, anything. Sasha is chopping up church pews, working out some of her frustration over BBQ Bob’s death. Gabriel says to Daryl, who is grabbing some steel beams, “Y’all gon use the crosses next?” and Daryl replies, “if we need them”. He also walks in on a crying Judith like he’s gon’ do something with her, then he starts tryna scratch the bloodstains from the Terminus massacre off the floor. More on Gabriel in a bit, but this cat is not trustworthy at all.

-Rick doesn’t want leave Carl and Judith at the church, but he feels like he owes Carol for saving them at Terminus, so he is going. So are Tyreese and Sasha, if Tyreese can ever stop tryna talk about feelings and shit. Leave her alone, she’ll be aight once she kills a mufucka or two.

-Eugene is still knocked out like Deebo in “Friday”, and Abraham is still on his knees looking into the distance. That is, until Rosa yells at him and he stands up right quick and she’s like, probably shouldn’t have done that. Maggie puts the gun on him, though, and you know she woulda killed him if she had to.

-Carl is tryna explain to Gabriel that he needs to know to use a weapon, so Gabriel chooses a machete. Older Carl has moved up the ranks with the quickness, but Gabriel ain’t built for this unless he is one helluva actor.

-Rick is putting together his plan to get to the hospital, which involves a lot of gun-buckin’ and of course, Tyreese is tryna do it on some peaceful shit. Daryl is going along with it too, but you never know with him because he’ll leave a person under a bookshelf for a walker in a minute, then escape with him. Rick agrees, but you know he won’t hesitate to bust his gun.

-Back at the hospital, a cop is tryna convince Dawn to stop wasting resources on Carol, who has only been there a day. Dawn agrees and Beth is like, this dude is charging DVDs like shit is a Best Buy, and you wanna kill this woman? Then the cop leaves and Dawn admits that she isn’t in control, but she does give Beth a key to the drug locker that has something that will help Carol. Dawn ain’t shit, and Beth better get to slap her at least once.

-Glenn, Tara and Rosa decide to go and get water, and leaving Maggie with a large, angry man on whom she pulled a gun on seems like an awful idea. That being said, Maggie tells Abe to get over himself and he isn’t the only one to lose something today. She hasn’t done a lot outside of not give a damn about her sister, but Maggie has had a couple memorable lines so far.

-Beth goes to the doctor and asks for the name of the stuff that’ll help Carol, and after a minute, he tells her. But can she even trust this dude, he has lied to her before.

-Glenn, Tara and Rosa are chillin’ by the stream, and we learn that Rosa met up with Abe in Dallas and asked for her help, so she rolled with him and Eugene. Dallas to DC through Atlanta seems like a roundabout route, but I guess you do what you gotta do in the zombie apocalypse.

-Rick and his people execute the plan, using Noah as bait and they roll up on two cops, one of who knows Rick was a cop from the way he carried himself. I forget Rick was a cop myself, but it turns out he was right because a car comes out of nowhere and starts to shooting at them to rescue the cops. After a brief chase, they find the car abandoned amongst a slew of walkers that have been melted into the ground. The zombie budget has been one of the best parts of The Walking Dead this half-season.

-Of course, Daryl decides to hang back and check a trailer as the group advances and gets tackled by a cop. They fight and the cop is getting the upper hand, and the walkers are getting closer to Daryl, who grabs one of them by the eyes, rips his head off and hits the cop with it. That has to be the zombie kill of the half-season, right? Then Rick shoots a walker in the head and pulls the gun on the cop. He wants to kill him, but good Daryl tells him not to and Rick obliges. He needs to stop listening to people.

-So now they have three hostages, and one of the cops are telling Rick about Dawn and how to talk to her. This lightskin dude is pretty convincing and I trust him, which means something bad is about to happen. You’d think I would learn after five seasons.

-Meanwhile, Glenn and ’em are filtering water through clothes and tryna catch fish. They’re successful and I don’t care. Tara finds a yo-yo and she’s partyin’. This shit is a waste of time.

-Michonne is tryna talk to Gabriel, who won’t come out of his room and we learn that he is using the machete to take out the floorboards. Whatcha hidin’, bruh?

-Here comes my favorite part of the episode. Beth bribes an old man with strawberries to fake like he can’t breathe so she can sneak in and grab the drugs for Carol. This old man drops to the floor and attracts four cops who don’t even notice Beth in there or when she walks out. But the old man does because he all but asks her, you done in there and damn near winks, and as soon she leaves, he’s like, I’m good now, y’all. It was so ridiculous and good. They seem to be trying really hard to change the perception of Beth, and I get it, they’re just terrible at it. Anyway, she gets the drugs to Carol, and now we wait.

-Tyreese is still tryna talk to Sasha and soften her up at the worst possible time. Dude, stick to the task at hand. No time for shook ones now. I’m thisclose to wishing death on Tyreese.

-Gabriel takes out the floorboards and crawls out through the bottom of the church for some reason. He literally takes one step and it is on a nail, which is fitting. He pulls it out and keeps going and hears something, and it is a walker. They fight for a bit before he slams her on a stick and is about to throw a rock on her head before he notices a cross on her chain. Someone from his congregation, perhaps? Either way, we get another example of Gabriel not being built for this.

-Maggie asks Abe if he wanted her to shoot him and he thought he did, but he didn’t. Meanwhile, Eugene finally starts to wake up while Glenn and ’em return with three minnows, a yo-yo and a muddy backpack. Good grief.

-The rest of the group leaves Sasha with the lightskin cop, who tells her a story of how he knew a walker out in the parking lot that was going on a call that he was supposed to go on. Sasha, who is all mushy and soft now because of Tyreese, offers to shoot the walker, and as soon as I saw the cop standing behind her, I was like, oh for fuck sakes. He runs her into a window and knocks her out. I blame this all on Tyreese. Get out of your feelings until this shit is over.

I’m torn over “Crossed” which could refer to Gabriel asking Daryl about using the cross to fortify the church, the crosses on the back of the cop car or the double-cross that the cop pulled. There was a lot of dialogue that didn’t matter and a lot of the characters made awful decisions, but the action was pretty good and Daryl’s kill was fantastic. Still, my biggest problem with the episode is that, this is why people get mad when the group is split up. The Walking Dead isn’t built for multiple storylines, not like the comics; it is much better as a show when it is focused on one thing. “Crossed” was all over the place and didn’t say anything, but hey, that’s just me.

I just feel it should have been better for an episode that was essentially Part 1 of a two-part half-season finale. But the preview for next week seems promising and I’ll certainly be here for the finale of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead S05E03 – Four Walls And A Roof

Well, crisis averted. My PVR missed the first half of “Four Walls and A Roof”, the third episode of The Walking Dead this season, and I almost threw this recap in the bushes. But I know some good people that helped me to write this, and I’m glad I saw it because it was a solid episode, although the bitchass meter was through the church roof. Let’s go…

-We find out that Gareth and his people have Bob holed up in a school, complete with walkers outside banging on the windows. Gareth tells Bob that he has two options: join or feed them, but I’m pretty sure they went straight to option #2. Bob starts to cry, then laughs maniacally and tells them that he has been bitten, which was expected, and Gareth’s crew start puking all over the place.

-Meanwhile, Sasha has noticed that Bob is missing and gets attacked by two walkers outside, but she kills them before Tyreese and Rick come up behind her. But hell, it could have been anyone. Why do mufuckas continue to go outside in the dark by themselves in this zombie world? No flashlights, torches, none of that shit.

-Sasha runs in the church and accuses the minister, Gabriel, of working with someone outside of the church. Then Rick gets him and asks about the female zombie at the food bank and the “You’ll burn for this” written on the church. As was expected, Gabriel tells a story of locking the doors on his congregation and hearing them being torn apart by the dead, and breaks down in tears. All I hear is, “I’m a bitch-ass mufucka”. And I STILL don’t believe him.

-The group hears someone whistling outside of the church and they run outside to find Bob and a bunch of walkers, which they kill and bring Bob inside. He tells the story of Gareth and the leg, then he refused painkillers as he tells them he has been bitten. They take Bob to Gabriel’s office to lie down and figure out what is next. Abraham is like, “fuck this, we out” and Rick is like, “nah”. This has been coming for a while. Abraham has this mission to get Eugene to Washington, while Rick has been the leader of his group for the majority of the time, so it was only a matter of time.

-Glenn gets between them, and Tara says that she will go with Abraham and ’em if they stay one more night because really, leaving in the middle of the night is stupid. Abraham wants Glenn and Maggie to go too, and after a minute they agree. They gotta have a plan because it doesn’t make any sense for them to go.

-Sasha wants to go with the group to find Gareth, and Tyreese tries to stop her, but she gives him a knife and tells him to put it through Bob’s temple if he dies and starts to turn. Can she trust Tyreese to do this? He has been soft since Carol killed Karen, and we know he let that dude live in the shack. I’m getting tired of brothas being bitchasses this season. KILL SOMEONE OR SOMETHING. Forgiveness, my ass.

-The group leaves to find Gareth, and Gabriel is peeking out the door. I don’t trust this dude as far as I can throw him. Here is my theory: he is running with the dudes that took Beth in the car with the cross on it somehow. He probably doesn’t want to, but hey, he is a bitchass.

-Gareth leads his group to the church and they bumrush the show, telling the remaining people in the church to come out and make this easier. Judith starts to cry, which gives away their location in a locked room, but before Gareth can get to them, Rick and ’em are back and they surround the hunters. Dude who Tyreese let live doesn’t wanna back down, but Abraham with a gun to his head changes that quickly. Gareth tries to plead with Rick and says that if he lets them go, they won’t cross paths again. Rick counters with the fact that they will do this to someone else and the group proceeds to absolutely slaughter the shit out of the hunters, led by Rick goin’ ham on Gareth with a machete. At least he learned after the Governor, right. No-fucks-left-to-give Rick is greatness.

-Gabriel says that this is the Lord’s house, and Maggie is like, “nah bruh, this is just four walls and a roof”. In other words, cut that bitchassness out.

-Everyone gathers to say goodbye to Bob, who is on his last legs, and he thanks Rick for taking him in and being a good person, which Rick still is, but he now understands that certain shit needs to be done, and mufuckas gotta die if they present a threat. Sasha is there as Bob does and she is about to stab him in the head, but Tyreese volunteers and what do you know, he does it. This better be the end of bitchass Ty-Ty.

-Abraham and ‘me prepare to leave in the bus they fixed, and gives Rick a map where they are going, along with a message that apologizes for being an asshole and the new world needs Rick. They leave with Glenn and Maggie, as well as Tara and this threesome gotta happen, because I don’t want to follow these mufuckas to Washington. Again, like last week’s episode-ending car chase, I have no idea where mufuckas are getting gas, but ya gotta let some shit slide, I guess.

-At night, Michonne is outside with her sword, which the hunters had and while I chastise them for being outside by themselves at night, Michonne can handle herself just fine. Gabriel joins her for a minute, but they hear a noise and he runs inside because, well, bitchass. Michonne gets to the tree line and there is Daryl, but he looks out of sorts and when Michonne asks where Carol is, he turns to someone to come out from the shadows, and the episode ends.

So, another threat is extinguished, but you know some other shit is always lurking around the corner on The Walking Dead. Who the hell was Daryl talking to? The preview for next week looks like it’ll focus on Beth, so I assume it’ll be her and the people that kidnapped her, who will be more than meets the eye. I wonder if she will ask about Maggie? That’ll be more than Maggie did. Stay tuned.